Why Choose The Forklift Driver Training School?

With more than 20 years of experience in the training industry, The Forklift Driver Training School understands the needs of its customers better than anyone.

We only employ fully registered, experienced and professional instructors, who are fully vaccinated against Covid 19, which means we are capable of delivering training on a huge variety of forklift trucks, click on the forklift info button above to see for your self.
All our training courses cover theoretical knowledge and practical instruction, with an emphasis on safety first.

We understand that in todays busy work environments everyone's under pressure,  so safety is paramount for all of us, so at the Forklift Driver Training School we take that extra time to ensure all drivers are safe drivers.

Our customers use our services again and again, because we can be trusted to do the job right, and believe me, some of the stories we have heard of customers experiences with some training providers are pretty scary.

There are some some companies who don't even send an instructor after the training has been paid for, or change the course dates at short notice, sometimes to months later, and worst of all reselling copies of the operators licenses to a companies employees on completion of training, so they up and leave them to work elsewhere leaving the customer both out of pocket and without a forklift operator.

We have even heard that some training providers take no precautions against Covid 19. whatsoever, putting even their own staff at risk, its terrible to even think about.

But at The Forklift Driver Training School your in safe hands, we get the job done, safely, professionally and on time, that's why our customers choose return again and again to use our services.

Lets face it, we're all busy these days, but we at The Forklift Driver Training School try to never forget how fortunate we are to have a successful business, so we are committed to helping others who are struggling, knowing that a little kindness can make a difference to so many, please take a look at our charity page by clicking the button above.

So why should you choose the Forklift Driver Training School? 

Well, if your looking for a professional training provider, with registered forklift instructors, who are all Covid 19 vaccinated, that will deliver safe training for your staff at your site to suit your needs, then that's why you should choose us. 

We get the job done, safely & professionally just how it should be.